Tirap District is predominantly an agrarian district where 90% of the population depends upon Agriculture for its livelihood. The system of Agriculture is traditional jhuming i.e. “Slash and burn.In spite of vast area brought under cultivation annually the district is deficit in food production.The ratio of food demand and food production is increasing each passing day. Keeping the above fact in view the department of agriculture has been trying its best to involve the farmers of the district to augment their food production through various departmental schemes. The following are some of the departmental schemes/programmes being made available at their (farmers) door steps.

  1. H.Y.V./Improves seeds:- Both cereals as well as vegetables, pulses, oil seed, spices for Kharif and Rabi season are being provided to the farmers of the district(Circle wise) on Subsidy and free of cost.
  2. Improved tools and implements:- Improved Agricultural tools such as weeder, puddler, paddy thresher, maize sheller, spades, Sickle, jumpers, pick axe etc. are made available to the farmers on subsidy.
  3. P.P Chemicals and P.P. equipments:- All types of P.P. Chemicals are being made available to the farmers on subsidy P.P. equipment such as power sprayer, manual sprayers and mini sprayers are being issued to the farmers of the district on subsidy.
  4. Manure and fertilizer:- Under this scheme manure and fertilizer both organic and inorganic are provided to the farmers on subsidy time to time.
  5. Agricultural Engineering:- Rice huller and pumping sets are issued to the farmers on subsidy. Even tractors and power tillers are issued to the interested farmers on subsidy.
  6. APMC : APMC is in operational in all the circles for the benefit of the farmers and traders. Trading Licences are recommended  by the respective ADOS/SDAO depending upon feasibility. Revenue collection is made by the AFAS.

Presently six circles of the district are equipped with required infrastructures and manpower headed by SDAO/ADOS. The field staffs (AFAS) stationed at different locations generally act as the link man between farmers and department. They verify the farmer’s needs/requirement and submit necessary report to the concerned ADO. The Circle A.D.O. authenticates the report field inspection and intimate DAO for further action. The demands of the Circles are reflected in the departmental AOP. On receipt of final sanction allotment of Units/Schemes are made Circlewise based on feasibility and past performance record. Fortnightly report is generally submitted by the Circles ADOS to D.A.O. reflecting all aspects of agriculture including weather/climate situation and natural calamities. In case of natural calamities AFAS are the ones who collect first hand information by visiting the sites prior to the physical verification by the board for loss assessment report. The department with its available resources and manpower is still trying its best to cope the challenge of food insecurity and other most felt needs of the farmers of the district. The efforts are on to come up to the expectation of the people.