Disaster Management

Works undertaken by the Disaster Management Branch of Tirap District

  1. Relief Assistance is provided to the house/animal/ fish pond/ crop damage etc. due to fire accident, flood, landslide, draught, storm, earthquake and other natural calamities from NDRF/SDRF as per the standing norms of govt with the approval of DEC (District Executive Committee). Minor restoration works/schemes of urgent nature is also taken up in district level with the approval of DEC.
  2. Various awareness/orientation programme on disaster management is organized at district level/circle level/village level and in schools as per the work plan of govt, which is provided by govt as and when the fund is allocated for the programmes.
  3. All correspondence related to Ex-servicemen (ESMs) are dealt by this branch ie, issue of ESM I-Card, family/children pension and other welfare schemes.
  4. Damage report due to natural calamities received from various departments is compiled and forwarded to govtas and when required in the prescribed format. Reports for ex-gratia in case of deceased person due to natural calamities and FDRs (Flood damage restoration schemes) are also forwarded with the approval of DEC.

Fund provision:

There are three heads under which the govt is placing fund for various purposes viz. NDRF (National Disaster Response Fund)/SDRF (state Disaster Response Fund) for relief assistance to victims of natural calamities and for minor restoration works of immediate nature and state plan head for disaster awareness programme including preparation of DDMP (District Disaster Management Plan). There are two joint accounts in the name of DLRC and State Plan Head Tirap at SBI Khonsa where DC and DDMO are the signatories.

As per Govt notification District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) has been constituted with the following members,viz.

  1. DC : Chairperson ex-officio
  2. Chairperson(ZPM) : Co-Chairperson
  3. ADC (HQ) : Chief Executive Officer.
  4. SP/DMO/EE(PWD)/EE(PHED) : Member
  5. DDMO : Convener

The power and functions of DDMA is to prepare the District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) and SOPs for various disasters, besides coordinating and ensuring that the areas in the District vulnerable to Disasters are identified and measures for the prevention of disasters and mitigation etc. are taken up.

  1. The District Executive Committee(DEC) has official members only, which is chaired by DC, and it is held periodically where all the crop damage cases(both agri&Horti) and other damages due to natural calamities and fire accident are tabled and scrutinized for granting relief assistance subject to availability of funds under SDRF/NDRF. Further DEC also scrutinized and recommends the FDRs received from various work departments for onward submission to Govt.
  2. The ZillaSainik Board has been constituted with Dy Commissioner as president of the board along with official and non-official members. All welfare activities for EX-Servicemen (ESMs) and their grievances are taken up in the board meeting and necessary recommendation are also forwarded to govt.