District Research Office

The District Research Office, one of the pioneers Department of the state established in 1956, has been carrying out erudite research on multidimensional aspects such as culture, History, museums, archeology, Philosophy and Archives. The establishment is headed by the District Research Officer. The Officer of the department headed by the District Research Officer collect empirical data by conducting fieldwork among the indigenous people and prepare manuscript on their socio-cultural life. The Department mainly carries out work & prepares manuscripts on traditional norms and values, customs and attitudes of the indigenous people of the District.

Moreover, the Department is entrusted with the job of preservation and presentation of the material; culture of the District in District Museum. The District Museum which was established in the same year 1956 has collection of about 1194 specimens. The various artifacts displaying in the Museum represent different culture of the people in District as well as state. This is the major attraction for the people who visit Khonsa to see exhibits various bamboo & cane works and wood carvings, tools and also colorful handlooms. This museum provides an insight into the culture and life style of the people of Khonsa.

The Department under the supervision of the Directorate of Research, Itanagar is also looking after some of the archeologically important site in the District. Recently in 2010-2011 megalithic site in Borduria village was identified and the same was preserved for further study.

The Department has an extension of reference room with good collections of books published by Department of Research. Besides, it has counter to sale departmentally published books.


Projects & Works under taken by the Department since 2014

  • A study on Opium Addiction in Tirap District.
  • An article on Nocte Ollo: A Sub-Group of Nocte.
  • An article Wood Carving and Wood Carvers of the Tirap District.
  • Collected some photographs on socio-cultural life of the peoples of Tirap District.
  • Study on Lullabies of Arunachal Pradesh with reference to Nocte of Tirap District.
  • Study on Women Empowerment among the Tagins of Upper Subansiri District.
  • An article on Nocte Dialects of Tirap District was prepare and presented to the Directorate of the research.
  • Prepared an article on Inheritance of property among the Tagin Women of Upper Subansiri District.

All the below mentioned works has been submitted to the Directorate of Research for publications


  • Socio-Economic Life of the Nocte
  • Nocte Ollo of Tirap District
  • Nocte Lullabies of the Tirap District