Publish Date : 11/02/2020

Khonsa 11th February, 2020 :

Along with rest of the state, in Khonsa also the department of Disaster Management led by DDMO Papang Duggong, with the aim to fight any kind of disaster situation in the state a mock drill session on Earthquake was held today in five different locations at Khonsa viz :- DC’s office, Khonsa, Christ the King School, General Hospital, Khonsa, Bridge collapsed on the way to Longding, Khonsa Iconic toilet’s building . The officers and officials of DC’s office, DMO, Doctors, Nurses, Police personnel, fire fighters from Fire brigade, students of Christ the King were instructed and exercised the mock drill how to deal during such disaster situation and how to help others during emergency.

The exercise was conducted after taking stock of the State’s earthquake vulnerability and lessons learnt during previous earthquakes across the state.

The exercises were conducted by department of Disaster Management in coordination with various agencies, including police personnel, and others such as fire service, officers and official of DC’s office, Khionsa,, health department, police, State Disaster Response Forces, civil defence along with the Disaster Management Department of Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh.

The objective was to make awareness about disaster management on earthquake and assess the coordination of different agencies during a disaster. (Input DIPRO)