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VAHAN is a highly flexible and comprehensive system that takes care of all the burdensome activities of Vehicle Registration, leaving the Transport Department to deal with more important business issues. The software enables the processes at RTO/DTO/MLO/SDM involving Vehicle Registration, Fitness, Taxes, Permits & Enforcement to get computerized.

The State Transport Department is governed by both Central Motor Vehicle Regulation (CMVR) and state specific Motor Vehicle Regulation (State MVR). Consequently, Vahan was conceptualized as a product that would capture the functionalities as mandated by CMVR as well as state MVRs.



Vehicle Registration

  1. New Vehicle Registration
  2. Renewal of Registration
  3. Transfer of Ownership
  4. Change of Address etc.
  5. Permit

    1. Issue of National & Interstate Permit
    2. Renewal of Permit


    1. State-wise tax calculation & Payment


    1. Issue of Fitness Certificate
    2. Renewal of Fitness Certificate


    1. Issue of Challan
    2. Settlement of Penalty Amount