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    Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh



The land measuring approximately 2362 Sq.Kms surrounded by unique picturesque hills in the southernmost part of Arunachal Pradesh is Tirap District. It lies between the latitudes 26º 38’ N and 27º 47’ N and the longitudes 96º 16’ E and 95º 40’ E.The District derived its name from the River Tirap which originates from a high peak in Laju Circle. The river flows from the southeast to the northeast part of the district and then crossing over to Changlang district and finally joins into the Buri-Dihing river near Ledo of Assam. It shares a state border with Nagaland and Assam, an international border with Myanmar and a district border with Changlang and Longding Districts of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Deputy Commissioner Ms. Ira Singhal, IAS
Superintendent of Police Shri Singjatla Singpho, APPS